Melbourne Asia Research Network

  • Glyn Davis

    Vice Chancellor

    University of Melbourne

I am delighted to announce the establishment of the Melbourne Asia Research Network (MARN) at the University of Melbourne. The new Network reflects the University’s commitment to place a vision of Asia at the core of its planning, research, teaching and engagement. As Australia’s leading university, we seek to work closely with institutions, communities and nations across the region.

Our University has a long tradition of academic and cultural engagement with Asia, through many initiatives including the Asia Institute, the Asian Law Centre and Asialink. The Melbourne Asia Research Network will build on this existing strength, to provide leadership in interdisciplinary research, and further encouragement for research collaboration with the University’s partners across the Asian region. This is an exciting development for the University of Melbourne, and I look forward to welcoming the inaugural Director of MARN, to lead and direct this important international initiative.

The Melbourne-Asia Visiting Fellowship Program

16 Fellowships were awarded for the 2014-2015 period, and a new round has been announced to support fellowships in 2015-2016.

The Melbourne-Asia Visiting Fellowship Program will provide $180,000 to host leading academics from the Asian region at the University of Melbourne in 2014 and 2015. Distinguished scholars taking part in the current round come from leading universities across the Asian region, including from:

  • China: Beijing University; Fudan University
  • India: JNU Delhi; Public Health Foundation of India
  • Indonesia: Universitas Indonesia
  • Korea: Seoul National University
  • Singapore: National University of Singapore

The program is the latest initiative by the University to promote greater engagement with the region. According to Professor Simon Evans, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the new fellowship program will build on the University’s extensive relationships in Asia, with 65 formal agreements for academic cooperation and exchange already in place.

The University looks forward to hosting key Asian academic leaders and thinkers to develop its relationships in the region and to enhance ongoing partnerships.

“It is aimed at promoting enduring – and deeper – collaborations with our counterparts in Asia, and will complement existing University programs focused on enhanced two-way exchange in the Asian region.”

“We are particularly keen to welcome those who are working in areas aligned with the Grand Challenges laid out in the University’s Research @ Melbourne strategy,” he said. The Grand Challenges cover topics such as fostering health and wellbeing, supporting sustainability and resilience and understanding our place and purpose.

“Collaboration and exchange enable the University’s researchers, teachers and students to work in partnership to address to the tremendous social, cultural, economic, demographic and geopolitical changes occurring in the region. These fellowships are, in part, a response to these changes.”

The full media release is available on the Melbourne Newsroom Website

Our Asia-related Research Institutes & Centres

Our Centres and Institutes with Asia-related interests:

Engagement with Asia

The University of Melbourne has a long history of engagement in and with Asia. It continues to build its Asia capabilities through its research, teaching and outreach activities. The following snapshots indicate the range of the University’s Asia-engaged research within its Faculties, Graduate Schools and Institutes.

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